February 2018

More gardeners will grow food this year, survey says

With food costs on the rise, more people will plant vegetable gardens this year.

Thirty-nine percent of gardeners planned to spend money on vegetable and fruit plants, according to the 2008 Early Spring Survey conducted for the Garden Writers Association by TechnoMetrica, a market intelligence company in Oradell, N.J.

That’s up from 32 percent in 2007 and 28 percent in 2006, according to the annual GWA surveys.
GWA is the sponsor, too, for Plant a Row for the Hungry, a 14-year initiative that has put more than 12.8 million pounds of food on the tables of individuals, families and others who don’t have enough to eat.

The idea is simple and easy — when plotting your vegetable garden, Plant a Row for the Hungry by designating a section for food that will be donated to a soup kitchen, food pantry, church or other organization that feed the hungry. If you grow your food in containers, you can designate one for feeding the hungry.

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Sustainability goal of urban farm project

An urban farm program has germinated in Indianapolis, and like gardens everywhere, it holds seeds of hope, sharing and knowledge.

The program is the brainchild of Matthew Jose, a North Central High School graduate who attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut for a year before dropping out to work on a farm in Massachusetts.

Once his hands got dirty, Jose, 24, just never stopped. He worked in community garden projects in New York City and Portland, Ore.,before returning to his Hoosier roots and a job with Purdue University’s Marion County Extension Office, where he’s been about a year.

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