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Hoosier Gardener on Fox59 Morning News – August 26, 2009

I hate Daylight Saving Time

Sunday morning was very depressing. Just when the morning light on Saturday lured me into thinking that spring was near, the time changed and on Sunday, we’re plunged back into darkness.istock-sundial

I hate Daylight Saving Time. I am a morning person. I do not play golf. I write in the morning and sometimes work in the yard in the morning, especially in summer before the day heats up.

Why do we do this? Why are we on New York time?  We are at the western most edge of Eastern Daylight Saving Time. We’re on this time because the powers that be say that it’s better for business to be on New York time.

If you ask me, Chicago has done all right by itself as a business capital. When I visit friends there, morning is morning and the sun does rise before 8 a.m.

I hate Daylight Saving Time!


Tips to green up your life

Native combo — Cedar waxwings dine on black chokeberry fruit in winter. © Fotolia

Native combo — Cedar waxwings dine on black chokeberry fruit in winter. © Fotolia

Here are some resolutions we can make to green up our lives in 2009.

Give by volunteering to beautify a public garden or to teach others about gardening. For opportunities, please check with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. ,  or Indianapolis Downtown Inc.

Right plant right place. Besides proper planting methods, make sure to take into account a plant’s horticultural needs, such as sun or shade or wet or dry soil. Just as important is knowing the plant’s mature size. When you allow for a plant’s mature height, width and habit, you have fewer pruning duties. Here’s a guide for planting a tree from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful,

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Practical gifts top gardener’s holiday wish list

West County Landscape Gloves (Photo courtesy West County Gloves)

West County Landscape Gloves (Photo courtesy West County Gloves)

With the shopping season upon us, some may be looking for gift ideas for gardeners. I think gardeners are easy to buy for. A gift card to a local garden center, for instance, can be used in spring for a new plant, tool, pot, load of compost or whatever else the recipient might want.

Although gloves may be considered too practical for a gift, there are a couple on the market that are fabulous. I never used to wear gloves when I gardened and now I wear them about all the time unless I’m planting very small plants.

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